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Most people underestimate themselves and overlook their hidden potential. They are rarely aware of the underlying forces driving their actions.

Screenfact helps you see it all. Steeped in psychometric science, Screenfact uses your visual preferences to capture your personal style. The test results will point you to your hidden strengths and offer insight into areas you can develop.

  • Implicit aspects of personality
  • Cannot be manipulated
  • Quick, valid and clear

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Visual. Personal. Edifying.

Screenfact is built on a procedure that uses our visual perception of things to evaluate in real time how we interpret images. This is effective because the sense and meaning we assign to what we see tells us something about how we perceive the world and act in it. Screenfact’s findings point to specific areas that can help people foster their development.

Your Personal Style

Areas of application:

  • Personality development
  • Human resources development
  • Personnel selection

Simple. Fast. Precise.

Your Personal Style

The personal style report highlights the extent to which each of the eight personality facets are expressed in your character as a person. It also identifies core competencies, strengths and motivational strategies. In order to foster one’s self-development most effectively, Screenfact’s standard option points to those competencies in need of development and areas of self-development to target. It also offers practical suggestions appropriate to achieving these goals.

Your Personal Style in a Team

Focusing on your individual personality, this Screenfact option explores your role within a team. The report shows the extent to which your eight personality facets are expressed as well as your core competencies, strengths and motivational strategies. The report also draws on your personality expressions to position your personality within a team wheel featuring 16 roles. Here, the focus is on cooperation within a team, that is, communication and how one responds to conflict. The report provides insight into individual ways of dealing with stress and change, and offers practical suggestions for how to strengthen one’s own resilience.

Your Personal Style in a Team

Areas of application:

  • Team development
  • Organizational development
  • Personality development
  • Human resources development

Driven by science. Interindividual.

Screenfact uses evidence-based tools to measure a participant’s implicit personality system. The procedure, which draws on the differences between people in how they perceive and assess visual stimuli, generates a psychometrically valid profile of the participant. It thus answers the following questions:

How does the personality test work?

Our visual perception is not a random phenomenon, it depends crucially on our individual personality. In other words, by examining our interpretation of an image, we can draw conclusions about implicit personality traits which, combined together, form our personal style. Screenfact uses this knowledge and compares your individual data with that of a standard sample that is representative of the adult population in German-speaking countries. In responding to visual images, participants are not consciously aware of how things connect and cannot manipulate their responses. As a result, Screenfact’s psychometric procedure delivers particularly meaningful results.

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